4-Vessel Mooring Field Going in Near 627 Bay Esplanade

A public notice for the permit application described below has been posted at:

PROJECT NAME:  Bay Esplanade Mooring Field

COUNTY:  Pinellas County

COMMENT DUE DATE:  February 17, 2017

FILE NAME: SAJ-2005-03872 (SP-CSH)

WATERWAY & LOCATION:  The project would affect waters of the United States associated with Mandalay Channel in Clearwater Harbor. The project site is located waterward of 627 Bay Esplanade, in Section 05, Township 29 South, Range 15 East, Clearwater, Pinellas County, Florida.

PROPOSED WORK:  The applicant seeks authorization to install a 4-vessel Mooring Field in Mandalay Channel. A public notice for the proposed project was previously published on September 15, 2016. As a result of the comments received, the proposal was revised from 42 vessels to 4 vessels. The revised proposal includes regulatory buoys to mark the boundary of the 4-vessel Mooring Field to preserve more than 50% of the channel for free navigation and recreation.

The proposed Mooring Field will occupy approximately 8 acres of privately owned submerged lands and will accommodate boats up to 70 feet in length. Water depths within the Mooring Field range from approximately 7.5 to 12.0 feet at mean low water. All vessels utilizing the facility will be required to have a minimum of one foot of clearance between the bottom of the vessel and the substrate within the project area and navigational channel.

The Cove Apartments and commercial marina will function as the Mooring Field upland support facilities. The property is a 128′ waterfront, multi-service, multi-zoned functioning apartment and commercial dock rental facility on Clearwater Beach. The Cove’s completed commercial dockage facility features five boat slips, three 19′ x 50′ slips and two 27′ x 90′ slips. The Cove can accommodate dinghy docking for up to 15 vessels. Additionally, the Clearwater Beach Recreation Center marina is located tangentially to the Mooring Field and can support facilities for Mooring Field patrons including restrooms. The Clearwater Beach Recreation Center contains a floating public dock that can accommodate the mooring of occasional dinghies.

The target market for clients seeking mooring facilities will be private boat owners who do not have access to adequate mooring facilities for their vessels. Rental of slips to commercial enterprises (charter fishing operations, cruise operators, etc.) is not contemplated.

The Mooring Field registrant’s vessel will be required to possess and demonstrate employment of a USCG-approved Type 1 Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) such as a Lectra/San system asthe primary waste handling condition for registration and use of the Mooring Field. Additionally, the registration agreement will require each occupant to insert a dye tab into the holding tank to identify any sewage leaks as well as required locking caps on their holding tanks. Violations will result in expulsion from the Mooring Field. As a back-up system only, the City’s dedicated sewage pump out vessel will also be available. Vessels utilizing the Mooring Field will be required to have their tanks pumped out at the sewage pump out station or by the sewage pump out vessel a minimum of every three days if their primary Type 1 MSD is temporarily inoperable. The existing upland pump-out facility will be designated as a tertiary back-up system once it is properly plumbed for service.

Fueling is not proposed at the Mooring Field. Vessels will be required to travel to an approved fueling facility to obtain fuel as necessary.

To address concerns regarding noise pollution from generators, music, etc., resulting from moored vessels, the applicant has referenced the City’s noise ordinance (City of Clearwater – Section 3-1508. Noise.) Any person found to be responsible for noises declared to be a public nuisance will be subject to enforcement by the City.

An approved professional mooring installer will be contracted to install each buoy’s anchoring system. The helical screw system will be anchored into the sand bottom using a barge-mounted hydraulic tool. Chain, floats, and buoys will be installed according to the manufacturer specifications. Best management practices will be implemented by the marine contractor for the proposed installation activities.

The decision whether to issue a permit will be based on an evaluation of the probable impact including cumulative impacts of the proposed activity on the public interest. That decision will reflect the national concern for both protection and utilization of important resources.
Questions concerning this application should be directed to the project manager, Caitlin Hoch, in writing at the Tampa Permits Section, 10117 Princess Palm Avenue, Suite 120, Tampa, Florida 33610; by electronic mail at Caitlin.S.Hoch@usace.army.mil; by fax at (813)769-7061; or, by telephone at (813)769-7074. by Feb. 17th.



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