City Votes on Short-Term Rentals Tomorrow


There is a Senate Committee voting on short-term rentals (SB 824) tomorrow. Since we know this has been a hot issue for many of you, we wanted to make sure you were aware of the details. At the bottom of this email there is contact information for the City office, if you wish to call or email, to voice concerns or ask questions. 

SB 824 would do the following:

• Remove the grandfather clause currently protecting those cities who were regulating short-term rentals (STRs) prior to 2011.

• Preempt to the FL Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) the regulation of vacation rentals.

• Require that any ordinances (noise, parking, trash, etc.), must apply to all residential properties, regardless of how the property is being used.

• Restrict local governments from imposing occupancy limits on rental properties, or requiring inspections or licensing of rentals (specific to STRs).

On-going concerns regarding short-term rentals:

• The vacation rental industry has exploded in the last five years. This shows that local government regulation of these properties hasn’t stifled the market in any way.

• As the industry has grown, DBPR has done nothing to ensure compliance with current state licensing requirements. DBPR is overworked and understaffed. DBPR could not handle the administrative burden created by vacation rentals after local governments were preempted in 2011 and is even less equipped to do so now.

• A solution is needed that balances the property rights of all. Issues with unruly behavior, parking and public safety are destroying the residential character of traditional neighborhoods. Residents suer while corporations profit.

• This is a local zoning issue. Commercial activity in residential neighborhoods is regulated for good reason: to protect residents and ensure adequate infrastructure is in place.

• Removing the grandfather provision negatively impacts the property rights of Floridians who purchased their property with the reasonable expectation that they would be living around other long-term residents. An investor would be able to purchase the property next door and turn it into a party house in areas where short-term rentals are currently prohibited.

• The ripple eect of unregulated short-term rentals is exacerbating the aordable housing crisis. Homes are being converted into mini-hotels, thereby reducing long-term rental stock available in communities and causing a workforce housing shortage.

Please contact committee members ASAP to voice any concerns or ask questions:

Wilton Simpson (R-10), Chair

(850) 487-5010



Lizbeth Benacquisto (R-27),

Vice Chair

(850) 487-5027



Randolph Bracy (D-11)

(850) 487-5011



Rob Bradley (R-5)

(850) 487-5005



Jeff Brandes (R-24)

(850) 487-5024



Oscar Braynon (D-35)

(850) 487-5035



Gary Farmer (D-34)

(850) 487-5034



Audrey Gibson (D-6)

(850) 487-5006



Travis Hutson (R-7)

(850) 487-5007



Kathleen Passidomo (R-28)

(850) 487-5028


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