*** Nov 7th Vote YES To Improve The Bayfront ***

A very important vote is ahead of us that will affect us all.

Tuesday, November 7th is the date we can vote to improve Clearwater’s bay front (west of the Harborview Center) with beautiful green spaces which provide recreation activities for families, outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and athletes.

A YES vote will also provide an updated music venue, with removable seats so that additional area can be used for game sports, etc. between concerts. Finally, this will be an attractive place where anyone who wishes can enjoy being near the water, without having to pay to be there.

This is the last remaining bay front space, let’s make the most of it for our community!

Most of the opposition to the proposal is based on plans for the bluff above the bay front, but that area is not a part of this vote.

Please vote YES on November 7th!!!

Below is the actual ballot text:

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 8.52.04 AM

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