Please Vote YES on Nov 7th!

Dear Members,

We urge you to vote an enthusiastic “YES” for the Clearwater Bay front plans on the upcoming ballot. The development that it allows will transform unusable place on our waterfront, turning it into a green area where everyone can enjoy open green space on the water, mostly free of charge. There will be playgrounds, trees, walkways, and a direct approach to the water. The seats in the proposed amphitheater will be removable between concerts, leaving open space for pick up games of kick ball, soccer, dodge ball, and other activities. The old parking lot will be removed and replaced with public transportation and additional parking in other parts of downtown. It is going to be wonderful and we are grateful to have a chance to vote for it.

This vote also allows small buildings to accommodate a Harbor Master, restrooms, a facility where tickets can be sold to the ferries, and also a rental space for small water vessels like paddle boards and kayaks.

Unlike past referendums, this project was not “handed down from City Hall.” Information was gathered through open meetings of citizens throughout the City, and discussion and decisions made by a committee of representative citizens from all parts of the community.

This vote doesn’t deal with anything along the upper bluff between the Library and the Harborview Center (That vote will come later if the City is able to proceed with this first portion of the plan.)

There have been too many misleading rumors circulated, so every yes vote is important.

This plan would be as an asset to all areas of the City. This is the last piece of open space on Clearwater’s Bay Front and it should be used thoughtfully and built for the people who live here and love to visit.

Thank you!

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