Community Gardens

CBA members are interested in developing a raised bed Community Garden at Triangle Park. 

Getting outside and gardening has known physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. Participating in a community garden can multiply these benefits, as well as that of sharing an interest with our neighbors. All of this plus the obvious fresh vegetables and fruits! You may be a gardener in your heart but frustrated by trying to grow things in the sand that is the basis of our island. 

Would you like to have a raised bed, easy to reach, and watered regularly? So local that you can walk to it?
CBA is interested in developing a Community Garden at Triangle Park (Bay Esplanade/Narcissus/Verbena) where we hold the picnics. There is room on the north end for such a garden. A preliminary discussion has begun with Sheridan Boyle, City of Clearwater’s Sustainability Coordinator. 

Here is more information about Community Gardens, about the City Code that applies, and a grant program that will help cover costs. Some initial discovery indicates that we will have to pay the City to add a potable water service to the site and then we will have the monthly cost of watering the beds. Initially, we must purchase the beds and dirt as well.

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Community Gardening in Clearwater | clearwatergardenclub

Clearwater Community Garden – For The Community, By The Community (

Community Garden Grants | City of Clearwater, FL (

City Code:  DIVISION 26. – COMMUNITY GARDENS AND URBAN FARMS | Community Development Code | Clearwater, FL | Municode Library