A Little Clarity About The Residential Parking Issue

Hi friend and neighbor,

Did you know… There is a parking problem in north beach?
For over 2 years the Clearwater Beach Association has heard from residents at their monthly board meetings about issues regarding parking in the residential areas of Clearwater Beach. Those areas primarily are north beach and the 3 residential streets in south beach. CBA members, as well as non-members, have made City Council aware of the ever-growing problem of finding a solution to the trend of tourists parking in our community; often with disregard for it being a residential neighborhood (i.e. leaving behind trash, destroying sprinklers, alcohol use, using residents showers and hoses, littering on the beach. etc.). As part of our ongoing mission to “improve and protect our neighborhood… and to listen to community concerns”, efforts are being made to help find the best solution for all residents. CBAhas served this neighborhood since 1944, and has the highest regard for our community, as we all chose to live, work and play here with our families.

There is NO vote in place for parking permits, rather an ongoing discussion about the various logistics to consider when looking at options to best serve our community’s parking needs.  Any conversations with city council members are not part of an effort for the City to levy additional taxes or fines. The goal is to find a solution to eradicate the problems associated with parking so that the residential neighborhoods on Clearwater Beach are safer and cleaner. CBA has taken no position in any way other than to encourage the city to provide relief in some way.

Please continue to stay informed, attend a meeting, check our website and Facebook page or ask a Board Member for accurate information. Please contact your city manager and City Council board to express your thoughts and concerns!!! Go to www.myclearwater.com and watch the video of the meeting that was held on August 2nd;  Item 12 (toward the end).

Thank you,
CBA Board Members

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