About Us

Our Mission:
The Clearwater Beach Association is a community organization of residents and business owners. The mission of the CBA is to promote Civic, Recreational and Social projects; to advance, improve and protect our neighborhood; support our members; strengthen the community by improving communication and interaction; listen to community concerns, and provide a strong voice in communicating with local government.

President – Samuel Hutkin    hutloan@gmail.com 

The President shall; serve as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Association and preside at all meetings of the membership and Board of Directors; appoint Committee Chairs, with consent of the Board of Directors; co-sign with the Treasurer all instruments and documents pertaining to the operation of the Association and sign all correspondence other than routine.

Vice President – Bruce Rector    rector4FL@gmail.com

The Vice-President shall: assist the President; officiate and perform CEO duties in the absence of the President.

Treasurer – Brian Sullivan
The Treasurer shall: receive, secure and disburse funds of the Association; prepare for submission to Authorities the necessary documents to establish legal basis for The Association’s existence and comply with reporting requirements; be the official custodian of all funds of the Association and shall co-sign with the President all instruments and documents pertaining to operation of the Association. The Treasurer shall serve without bond.

Secretary –
The Secretary shall: keep “Minutes” of all meetings of the Association and its Board of Directors: shall issue notices of all meetings and have custody of the Charter, By-Laws, Corporate Seal and all official records.

Members of the Board:

Rick Evans     

Linda Kubilius

David Schaefer

George Papageorgiou