North Beach Parking Procedures

Lisa Hayes, Parking Enforcement Supervisor
Has provided the following information as a reminder of procedures.

Call numbers for illegal parking complaints in residential area Acacia Street and North:

Enforcement has been enhanced in the North Beach Residential District to eliminate illegal parking and enforce other safety violations. If you have a complaint regarding illegal parking in the North beach Residential District, please call the numbers as outlined below:

Daily from 8am – 6pm call 727-562-4707, opt 2 (Marina Parking office) or opt 3 (Supervisor). This office does not handle parking citations but will forward parking complaints to the enforcement team via the radio. Fastest way to get a live person.

Weekdays, 8am – 4:30pm, email or call the Parking Enforcement office at 727-462-6312 (may need to leave a voicemail due to high call volume).

After 6pm, call the non-emergency number at the CPD 727-562-4242 and they will radio our staff in the field directly.

Call numbers to request Installation of parking spaces or no parking signage:
To request installation of parking spaces or “NO PARKING” signs along your property, call the Engineering Department at 727-562-4776 or Engineering’s main line at 727-562-4750.

Construction/Contractor Vehicle Parking Procedures
Unmarked construction vehicles must visibly display a business card on their windshield to show they are a legitimate business. It should include the business name, phone number, and address.
Notifications for construction/contractor parking needs that will take more than one day are be reported to the Parking System via email to
The email needs to include the following information:
• Name of Contractor
• Make and Model of Vehicle(s) (tag numbers if possible)
• Start Date and End Date of project
• Contact name, phone number and email
• Address/location of work being done

Clearly marked construction/contractor vehicles will not need to display their business card, however, all the above procedures will apply if they have parking needs for more than one day.

Citations will not be dismissed for failure to notify the Parking System of the arrangements or failure to display the business card on the windshield.

Block Party – Suspend Enforcement Requests
The resident would need to contact our Parking System at the main office line, 727-562-4704, between 8:30am – 4:30 pm Monday-Friday, with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. We would notify Parking Enforcement.

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